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MotoGP URT 3 Mod 2009

Kali ini saya akan share MotoGP URT3 Mod 2009. Mod ini sama seperti Mod 2011, yaitu terbagi 2 versi.
Ok tanpa basa-basi silahkan di sedot...

What's In Here :
1. 21 Official MotoGP 2009 Riders
2. 3 Special Wildcard Riders
3. Based On MotoGP URT 3 Mod 2008 By Agenk
4. Bike Can Be Use For Career Mode

This mod includes 2 version of MotoGP URT 3 2009 Season
the differents is:

>> Version A : 
- Original 24 MotoGP 2009 Riders

>> Version B :
- Fiat Yamaha Team Estoril (V.Rossi & J.Lorenzo + Estoril Helmet)
- Casey Stoner Australia
- Sete Gibernau Qatar & Japan
- Mika Kallio Marlboro Ducati
- Nicky Hayden Laguna Seca

All Textures Is Taken From BKSMotoGP'09_varios

Installation :
1. Run "motogp3 mod 2009 v1.exe"
2. Click accept
3. Enter the address of the MotoGP3 URT installation directory/folder
4. Click Install/OK
5. Use the original motogp.exe and it's shortcuts to run this mod
Run "JFH_switch_bks-launch.bat" to switch from Version A to Version B (available in DESKTOP and main game folder)

compressed in windows XP, if you get problem with the installation, try to change compability mode to Win XP.

Screenshots :

A. Special Thanks (For Help Me [Adrian Melandri]) To :
- Jeffhorus For Fixing Bike, Packing, frontend, converting and merging texture, setup, switch bikeset.
- Aernouts, Perfectionist, Luigi, Ufo32 who gave and Share all the necessary tools and Information How To Use It!!!
- GlowWorm who made the tools
- MotoGP URT 3 Indonesia, Support Me To Make This Mod
- All the REG forum member ( http://REG.bpmstudios.com )

B. Special Thanks (For The Textures & Models) To :
- Helmet & Rider : Rezist, Fonnia, Lazy Tjai, Gardner21, etc. Materials For Some Helmet and Riders Textures
- BKS MotoGP 2009 By Varios For Riders, Helmet and Bike Textures (Wxat, Fonnia, Peque & amigos)
- Model : Wxat, Aitor, Agenk(Mod 2008 Maker), From BKS MotoGP 2008 Faster 2 Models
- Various Artist From wxat forum